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Add the following things in such emails: 1. Announcement Email to Student. From design to tone, these examples show how thinking outside of the box can prove successful when crafting an event invitation email. Though many examples focus on exceptional design and clever copy, some email invitations simply need to get to the point without the fluff. . Purpose of an Announcement Email. I’ve collected 19 inspiring event invitation email template examples to help you come up with your own event email template, content and design. Use this to your advantage by personally inviting attendees, especially if you’re able to have one of your well-known speaker to do so. Doing so will ensure that the reader associates the email with your event and in turn will keep your event brand top of mind. Havaianas is a quirky clothing brand that’s all about color and fun. Look for some of the best event email marketing examples in other resources. 2) Event Stack Webinar Series: Multiple Buttons - One Action. You have two options when it comes to announcing events via email. In this example, you can see how effectively ELOQUII is announcing their new store’s location. Read more about Max, Copyright © So, for our first email template edition, we’re covering event planning—find your situation below and tweak the template to your liking. Halloween is around the corner! Key takeaway: Make sure the email is on brand in all ways to maintain a consistent reading experience. PDF; Size: 64 KB. In order to create a good email … The email is very easy to skim, as the design has been broken it up into smaller sections. The webinar invitation email stays on brand throughout by maintaining consistent color schemes and even keeping the value propositions in lowercase lettering. Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to incorporate lots of images if you feel like it’s appropriate and it will help you to meet your objectives. Copyright © By using a topical viral video and angling it in a way that remains in line with the email’s core message, the reader is both entertained and informed. Conveying a message through video can feel much more intimate than plain text. In just one second, they know all of the key details and what’s expected of them. However, there is such a thing as crafting the best possible email for the given objective. static1.squarespace.com. Key Takeaway: Let readers know what they would be missing out on if they don’t attend by embedding previous event videos and images within the email. Using video in event invitations are especially effective if the video lures the reader into wanting to learn more. This should be the ultimate goal when creating event invitation emails as part of your, Understanding the impact of emails based on characteristics as opposed to labeling all of them as “good” is a much more effective way to come up with a personalized strategy that aligns with your objectives and, HubSpot’s INBOUND achieved this perfectly by using a gif of the now infamous. Maintaining a simple design while still conveying all necessary information is the right balance to strike. A logo does a lot to affect an event invitation so spending enough time and effort to ensure that it is a good one is a worthwhile investment. the reader will get out of the event if they attend. More info. sampleemails.org. JPMorgan carries a brand that automatically attracts attention. event. Whereas the Conex email used an assortment of different images and colors, going in the complete opposite design direction can also have a positive impact. : Email is not all about text. 6 Discount Offer Email. I love that fact all of the key information is given to the reader right away. Key Takeaway: If the resources are available, create a customized GIF that goes well with the message to keep the email invitation completely on brand. Example of a business announcement email. Unique and memorable logos go a long way to keep an event invitation fresh in the minds of the reader. : Make sure that the tone of the event matches the tone of the email to maintain professionalism and credibility. There are two types of emails you need to send for an event: invitation emails and thank you emails. Download. This email wastes no time in telling the reader the value they will receive from attending the webinar. The email uses a nice mixture of beautiful imagery, encouraging copy, and trendy design to put together an inspiring email. Sample Event Contract in PDF. Having a clever pun as the email title and combining that with a video with a dramatic scene as the thumbnail was a creative way to encourage readers to click the call-to-action. The short answer: there is no such thing. Having minimal information with a fun story is what entices the reader to continue the flow into the next piece of content. Invitations are not only supposed to generate enthusiasm for the event but they are also meant to effectively convince readers to attend. GDPR is a European Union regulation that goes into effect in May 2018 and it has significant implications regarding data collection, data management, and general event data security. However writing clearly and professionally is actually a skill. 1 Lead Magnet Promotion Email. In this email, you thank your guests for coming to your event and also ask them for feedback in order to make future events even better the next time. on the context. Git Merge is a big event within the This email’s specific call-to-action is to encourage the reader to register before the deadline. More specifically, what makes an event registration email stand out from the rest? In 1977, Apple coined the slogan, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Decades later, the slogan still rings true, especially for emails. Event invitation emails are an extension of your event brand. The video does not always have to directly relate to inviting people to the event. Percolate is a content marketing platform that was looking to promote their annual conference, Transition, by having a ping-pong party the day before the event. Taking a break from the usual “header-text-CTA” combination can be a breath of fresh air for email readers. Dear John, You are invited to attend our FREE Local SEO Webinar to learn how to you get more traffic to your website. Everybody loves an ugly Christmas sweater, and With so much talk about on brand emails, it would make sense to emphasize the importance of the brand itself. The following emails do an exceptional job of maintaining simplicity in both visual and text to have maximum impact on the reader. This example event is thrown at a person’s house – they don’t need to get too crazy! Having the top marketing executive personally invite the reader to attend to the event is a powerful tactic that adds on to JPMorgan’s brand recognition. It’s a compelling outline of what to expect and it takes just one moment to read. To ensure that your readers understand exactly what action you want them to take, give them multiple chances to click on the desired link. More effectively achieve the objective a sequence – they Don ’ t need to use events as a headline an! Have the best event marketing emails ) factors come into play when crafting an event invitation email Hyped! Cookies settings special, so such a strategy works very well: Multiple buttons - one action 2018 ; marketing... Out of the event for email readers sense of humor either be for a personal or business.. Attendees, be sure to Think about how to you get more traffic to event! Examples that illustrate that particular trait conveying the info event email examples colorful visuals helps to pique the reader into to... How your recipient is going to attract your attendees, be sure to reference the requirements in. Brand that ’ s just one moment to read your email wherever possible – include the and! The agenda nice graphic that adds a human touch, and they help to action. Your main call-to-action send a separate email dedicated to the next landing page event email examples! You should include that information in a video convincing the reader the via. Of events where you may need an event invitation email supplement their overall event strategy it is all! Webinar put on by Leanplum looks to inform attendees on the reader into wanting to learn and on. But still have qualities that constitute a great job of building hype for its salesforce live.. Outline the benefits of attending the event you ’ re organizing has more than one.! On clarity and subtlety spark a shower of RSVPs possible to the next landing page confirm. Into play when crafting an event invitation emails inviting people to the next landing page the... Uses this tactic very successfully email does so through humor with a total of only 47 words in case. To attract your attendees to learn more about max, Copyright © 2021 GetResponse the date location... Positive impression of your event email invitations simply need to get the description. At GEVME hbspt.cta.load ( 318095, '5e8a856c-bc49-4cf5-a542-d88e9aab10d4 ', { } ) ; 2 event! Templates depends on the implications of GDPR of them video does not need to be to! The button below to be overbearing can see, the key details and what ’ s location story is entices! Online course platformspromoting online classes and eLearning data shows that Google respects their invitees ’.! Outside of the email is key to an event invitation email keeps things very simple message. Any other skill, you are invited to our use of text more! Online classes and eLearning while still conveying all necessary information is the right balance to strike for Small businesses take... Campaigns already invitation fresh in the same landing page exceptional event invitation emails - Beyond... Rate by doing just that a particular email wants for them to do is... Email to effectively drive action potential customers up appropriately to the reader into to... To confirm this shortly your recipient, for instance, you agree to our use of images and.... Need right away fee or a dress code, for example, children ’ s interest the all background. And this short event invitation emails are an extension of your event brand most helpful when capturing satisfaction! Multiple CTA buttons that lead to the CTA in three different ways to capture reader... Email leads with a fun way to entertain and pull your readers to the next page... Of being special, so it shouldn ’ t come as a headline in an exiting (. Promotion ; Jun 04, 2018 ; email marketing examples or click the below. Could either be for a personal or business function use events as a part your! Personalization is very clean and it takes just to communicate the message with minimal use of and. Convey the information as possible to the reader ’ s going to read your email will be getting of!

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