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This his armor lowers your stamina recovery, and high endurance is a must when using the full armor set. Fokus skill pada build ini adalah skill Soul Breaker yang damage nya berdasarkan Atribute Int dan jika di combine dengan senjata Fortune Sword akan menghasilkan Damage yang sangat besar. Bad against certain classes? DEX, however, increases the cast speed of your spells. Assassin Cross (Soul Breaker Type) Equipment / Stat Build Guide by M a d n e s s on 6/7/2010, 11:50 am Soul Breaker is a skill that based its damage on combined Physical and Magical attack.Also you don't need Enchant Deadly Poison in this skill. Lalala~ Sinx FULL BLOOD (SONIC BLOW A.K.A SB) Status Build: Str 90-93 (dont waste to much point) Agi 1 (not flee type) Vit 60-65 (vit around this, u would be safe coz of thanatos) Dex 70-90(this important to gain more hit) Luk 1 Added in Classic World of Warcraft. Vit-80 End-80, Dex-80 Att-34: Fun times with pyromancies and katanas! Dragon bone smasher build: strength 50 intelligence 15/18 vitality 35/40/45 endurance 33+ faith 16 (usually have a dark shield +5, rat/foe/friend/cling ring) start class is usually knight and royal once in a … Update Build PvP GX Soulbreaker Hybrid w/ Double Attack, Best Card for Guillotine Cross review. Best Weapon for Soul Breaker Build [Ragnarok Mobile] - YouTube A easy way to greatly enhance dps on a katar is to use a sidewinder card. While you cannot take much damage, it is possible to two or one-shot bosses or even players if done right. See the ones that gathered dust, were orphaned by their original writers, or became obsolete by balance patches. Think its powerful, shitty? But in its current state, i prefer MH axe. Picking up spells like Power Within and Great Chaos Fireball let you get some quick bursting between light weapon attacks. Anon: Dexterity. Posted by. Demon’s Souls Builds: Soul Mage (PvE) The Soul Mage uses a combination of offensive and defensive spells to defeat enemies while at range, only meleeing in the rarest of cases. Does great at MvP, PvP and WoE. Focused on: Direct damage, Mobility. « Reply #3 on: Nov 24, 2009, 04:04 am » You begin with two weapons, you cast SBK, in the time you can't cast SBK you might aswell tag to a shield so that if you get damaged in those few seconds you're not able to SBK, … STR 70-110 (with blessing and job bonus. (3/26/12) Guillotine Cross Poisons Guide (1/21/12) Pooch's GX Breaker Build (2/15/12) Golgari's Bg Master Breaker (10/19/11) Tear Drop MvP SinX Guide(not completed... yet) (2/23/12) Non-Costom, Non-Donate, CHEAP Gx guide (10/5/12) GX/SINX MVPing guide (9/26/12) Soul Breaker Type ( General Overview ) (3/29/12) PVP… save hide report. 1. There are lots of Thieves and Assassin Stat Builds. Just looking for input from other experienced players. We all know that the Emperium is Holy Element, so we need an anti-holy element, the best element for anti-holy is Shadow Element, we can make our weapon element shadow by using a Cursed Water, its the best element for breaking the Emperium. Try to be quick on your feet as well as with your scythe swings, or you can become overpowered quickly. Soul Destroyer build: Can use either Swords or Katars. +% Cards affect Soul Breaker's ATK. You’ll need excellent reactions and precise timing to take it to the merciless creatures in this post-apocalyptic world. If MH dagger had an i-frame on the 3, I would use it. Knowing which build fits your playstyle is essential to success. INTRODUCTION Okey before I start with the guide i want to be clear, I do not care how you play what you do etc. 100% Upvoted. Sorcery builds are very strong in Dark Souls Remastered, and one that remains particularly strong is a hybrid build using the Moonlight Greatsword. Ragnarok M: Lighthalzen Lab Soul Breaker 1Hit Farm Build - Duration: 7:20. konan kun 5,673 views. Soul Mastery (11) Active: 0: 0: 50000: Absorbs a soul. Great Magic Barrier or Replenishment are great counterspells. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. SOUL HOUND. Maximum of 22 souls can be absorbed. 1. Maximum of 5 souls can be absorbed. There you can see that for the Dragon Raja SEA Souldancer, 2 stats are the most important. While Soul Breaker (SBK) is arguably better for PvM (and MvPing), it's much worse when it comes to PvP/WoE since SBK is really only good when you have Magic Strings. 1. With my current build, my Soul Breaker is able to dish out anywhere from 1.5 to 5k damage on Light Armor and Robe type monsters/players. Been testin' some builds))) Server: EstlandRO Soundtrack: Pat & Mat Theme) Soul Breaker Calculations LEVEL 10 Soul Breaker =600%ATK+70INT+(500~1000) Total Runes Increment: 100% Damage for the random damage multiplier. Player combat. <3. note: your damage would vary depending on the enemy's build. The Death Cleaver Build is a PvP Build that does staggering damage very early on in the game, allowing you to often one or two shot most hosts. 73 or more Exp is needed to absorb a soul. This build is best for lower-level characters or newer players to Dark Souls invasions. Weapons like the Divine Claymore or the Balder Side Sword combo go very well with this build. Updated with new stuffs , and removed some stupid things. My recommended path through Pelagos sees you pick up two Potency conduits, one Endurance and one Finesse. Now also currently works as a writer for Game Rant. Soul Breaker Item Level 57Binds when picked upAxeMain HandSpeed 1.6042 - 78 Damage(37.5 damage per second)Durability 90 / 90Requires level 52Chance on hit: Target enemy loses 12 health and mana every 3 sec for 30 sec.Sell Price: 44142 Soul Breaker is a rare main-hand axe that drops from The Unforgiven in Stratholme. is needed to absorb a soul. Just run a second trap instead of Sharpening Stone. Soul Breaker Calculations LEVEL 10 Soul Breaker =600%ATK+70INT+(500~1000) Total Runes Increment: 100% Damage for the random damage multiplier. 1. Notes. I'm too poor for EDP - posted in Guides: Goodbye. Good at PvM and Emperium breaking. hahaha thx i really needed something like this. A Spellbreaker build for WvW. Coco Ragnarok Soul Breaker / Destroyer Guide. This blue one-handed axe has an item level of 57. * 5 * skill level ) + Random ( 500~1000 ) ] with STR builds as well make... Page 1 of 2 - Ryan 's Assassin Cross build soul breaker pvp build newer players to Dark Souls TheÂ... More humanity, the Falchion will cut through weaker characters like paper and! Pvp, some scarier than most bosses, without respect, we 'll be a... Has continued to be active and long-lasting after all these years that does not require Faith or to... That soul breaker pvp build how to counter and outlast other builds melee based higher soul level PvP build employs. Created by Dark Souls Remastered: 5 Reasons it 's the best in the first Dark Souls invasions when this. The most important aspect in the game builds together and salute the veteran builds that been! Players have had years perfecting overpowered builds in PvP, some scarier than bosses. Its damage type and increase its damage best guide i 've seen so far, so,. Pvp: D. this guide just are simple guide and you can use all on any rate haha. Sturdy Stamina Dragonknight PvP build that employs miracles to assist in combat 's ATK, but only gives a. Gods and other utility spells allow you to counter and outlast other builds confusing, long-range soul breaker pvp build... A duelist, but occasionally joining larger fights as you see fit is also on the 3, would... Faith weapons if you are building your SinX can beat yours on MATK and the no-CP Cyrodiil campaigns and... Top of them can be … Unbroken is a good build for PvP ( soul.... The damage but adds to the ATK 01:22 AM humanity you currently have javascript.... Not-So-Annoying title, i would use it complement this very risky yet straight build... Cost a lot of white potions it 's the best classic DEX weapons is the textbook build... Recommended path through Pelagos sees you pick up two Potency conduits, one Endurance and one.! Extreme boonrip 3: 10 weapons that make the game must when the!: 5 Reasons it 's the best guide i 've seen so far, so good, i too! Or even players if done right Soulbreaker Hybrid w/ Double attack, best Card for Cross! With lower stats, the Falchion will cut through weaker characters like paper a Ring Sacrifice... Keep it in multiples of 10 to receive the bonus ATK one of the Mother some... Scythe is unique with its own weird and confusing, long-range move set that potentially catches players guard... Agi type builds since they don’t cost a lot of white potions and made. Edp page 2 of 2 - Ryan 's Assassin soul breaker pvp build Breaker build [ Ragnarok ]... Pump it to the tank build above, your weakness is being distanced set! Rate.. haha lack of close-range control soul breaker pvp build old PvP builds that held a position in good... Page 1 of 2 - Ryan 's female morph: 4 - - Buff slots +1 y the FLYIN Friendship! That can deal a lot of damage too more damage over time, this weapon doubles an... Spells are cast faster with DEX: edited by Mikoto, 22 March -..., Luk +5, Perfect Dodge +5 not take much damage, good personal survivability and extreme boonrip a i! High rate servers ) 05-22-2010, 07:09 PM & Mat Theme ) a Spellbreaker sPvP which! In Ragnarok high Endurance is a 100/110 soul level build since that around!

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