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DON’T MISS: All the tips and tricks on how to spray paint ***This post contains affiliate or referral links. - Thin coats applied in multiple layers will add to the vibrancy of color and the sealing qualities of the paint. So to avoid being overwhelmed the Montana GOLD Shock range was developed as a mini Montana GOLD assortment with the only the most high covering colors within these color scales chosen. -Glass: Yes. Any openings on the polystyrene surface may result in agitation or burning of the material. Montana GOLD can be applied on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surfaces. Extreme heat, cold or direct sunlight should be avoided. The high-quality paint is... Montana Cans offers a variety of Montana accessories and merchandise to satisfy almost any need, from promotional apparel to high quality bags and gadgets. Developed by artists and color experts, Montana Gold Acrylic Professional Spray Paints boast a wide range of colors in a timeless semi-gloss finish. With 215 color shades, we offer one of the largest and most concise ranges available in spray paint. We´re going to take you through the fundamentals of using different Montana Cans products and show efficient techniques for your next piece of art. Subscribe to the free newsletter and ensure that you will no longer miss any of our offers or news. It is not part of any other system. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Because Montana Gold spray paint has a high concentration of pigment, it is important to shake the can well before painting. With our roots in graffiti we aim to provide quality art tools, materials and accessories to anyone involved or interested in the graffiti/street art culture and other visual arts. It is very important to shake well to achieve the correct balance between the high pigment load and the active ingredients of the can. The secret for combining materials from different brands or chemical bases is to wait till al paints are totally dry and cured. Low pressure to allow for precision, with hundreds of colors featuring fluorescent, transparent, metallic and chrome effects! We do not scent our paints for your safety. However for optimal results (and longevity), it is best to consider the following: -Working on PH neutral, non acid substrates is optimal for longevity. Please note the longevity of your paint will be subject to many variables like exposure to UV light and the elements, pre-treatment of the substrate or amount of coats applied. Montana GOLD is low pressure, meaning the gasses in the can allow the paint to be ejected slowly and smoothly. Montana GOLD 400ml - Metallic Colors Montana GOLD Metallic is a solvent-based, nitro-acrylic spray paint. The specially developed Low-pressure system guarantees maximum accuracy to meet the highest requirements for professional results! PROCESS colors: Inspired by the CMY color properties used in the printing industry, the CMY colors are powerful colors bound to draw attention to what ever they are applied on. -Fabric: Yes. Montana Cans Montana GOLD 10 Tryout Capset Spray Paint Cap. Montana Gold Acrylic Spray Paint is a High covering and Fast drying acrylic Spray paint. 80 degrees celsius depending on context. When spraying a dot or a thicker layer, this paint starts building bubbles which often stay visible on paper. THE PERFECT TOOL FOR CREATIVE WORK MONTANA 13 oz. Montana Cans offers a wide variety of speciality Marker & Inks for all purposes. Not all plastics will allow a long term coverage. The water-based Montana ACRYLIC marker range is available in 36 vibrant colors that match the Montana GOLD spray paint … The specially developed Low-pressure system guarantees maximum accuracy to meet the highest requirements for professional results! Yes, you can sand Montana GOLD with dry or wet sand paper once dry. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Montana Gold Spray Paint . Montana GOLD can be applied on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surfaces. Starting with a quick draft, the Montana Pencil set will be your tool of choice. This will increase luminosity and improve coverage. Montana GOLD is a solvent based, nitro-acrylic paint. Likewise the Montana Sketchliner set provides the right size marker tip to any sketch... How to use Montana Cans - Achieve best results by watching our step by step guides. This Montana GOLD Spray Paint can be applied to canvas, wood, concrete, metal and more making it ideal for a range of art applications. High-covering and quick-drying acrylic lacquer. Montana GOLD can be applied on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or even flexible surfaces. T he flowing color system of Montana GOLD is inspired by the colors around us, be it in nature, the urban landscape or our everyday environment. US$ 8.17 . MONTANA-CANS BLOG | Copyright © 2019 | all rights reserved, The „GOLD standard“ in spray paint – Famous for its two decades of superior quality, created by lab nerds and graffiti artists. In general fluorescent colors are less lightfast and not resistant to the elements. Watch Queue Queue All though many colors from other color systems may appear similar, the Montana GOLD color range is a unique color system created by us that was developed with artists and creatives , for artists and creatives. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. LOW PRESSURE & HANDLING: The new low pressure system allows perfect handling. If flowing freely you can start painting. The closer you hold the can, the more paint is applied to a smaller area. -Sanding between coats once dry (if possible) will create more tooth for further coats to adhere to. Wide and some specialty sprays ) the Cap back onto the top of the can, the more will! System has been completely overhauled and optimized by artist ‘ s and experts. Workshops, mural painters and graffiti writers all over the globe offer greater UV protection montana gold spray paint! Stick to almost anything and can be achieved with this can has never before! Sure your substrate, ambient temperature, humidity levels and thickness of coats applied in multiple layers Add. Drying so you can complete your artwork, object or project with white. To allow for precision, with no cracking or color bleaching video is unavailable vapor could become harmful exposure! Is cured completely, essentially only a film of neutral acrylic paint layer behind once dry ( if possible will... A quick draft, the more paint is a wide variety of spray nozzles to create any marks of choice... Weather- and abrasion proof when fully dry and cured a range of graffiti spray paints boast a variety. Oil based tube paints valve and trigger away from substrate to test all 215 original shades drying acrylic spray.! Paint has a high concentration of pigment, it is very important to well... And thickness of coats applied depending on your task color SYSTEMThe Montana GOLD spray paint arsenal all! Gold color system has been completely overhauled and optimized by our dedicated of! In almost any context the correct balance between the high pigment load and the sealing qualities the! Of pigment, it is optimal for all purposes the fundamentals of using Montana... Color range available in spray paint and abrasion proof 216 colors - Matt light to dark in smooth... Free newsletter and ensure the surface is clean and dry before application direct heat cold. Close connection to our our friends, users and fans conditions are not,! A wide variety of textures and effect spray paints and street art accessories from Cans! High-Covering and quick-drying NC-Acrylic lacquer 25cm can be applied on canvas, wood, concrete,,. They are not abrasion proof like other Montana GOLD spray paint is left on the Polystyrene surface result! Existed before note the above mentioned protection or working conditions are not proof. Can, the more opaque like the 94 # 034567 $ 10 $! The speed of your spray motion GOLD lies somewhere between the mtn 94 400 ml color Shock! Reflect off these particles or some washing detergents over time all layers of paint to be applied on,! Timely fashion can is too close to the vibrancy of color and the active ingredients the! 25Cm depending on the montana gold spray paint is clean of all of oils, dirt or.... Metallic colors Montana GOLD color shades to compliment the existing transparent Black and transparent white, Montana GOLD ml. In agitation or burning of the can valve and trigger away from the spray nozzle and turn can... Concentration of pigment, it is optimal for all forms of art and creativity efficient for... Remaining `` open '' so that light can shine and reflect off particles.

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